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Activity Tracker icon


How are you spending time during the day
Body Measurements Tracker icon

Body Measurements

Keeping track of body measurements can really inspire you to stick to a diet or exercise plan. Got kids? This tracker replaces the old-fashioned "pencil on the wall" technique!
Energy Level Tracker icon

Energy Level

Feeling zippy? Or sluggish? Keep track of your energy levels and you can use the data to compare against other areas like your food and exercise to see where you want to make changes.
Exercise Tracker icon


Regular exercise plays a major role in good health. It improves your mood, helps you fight chronic diseases, helps you sleep better, and even puts the spark back in your sex life. Our Exercise database has thousands of activities to choose from so you can easily see how many calories you're burning.
Flu Tracker icon


If you've started having flu symptoms, keep track of their severity. If you end up needing to see a doctor or health professional, having this accurate information will help make sure you get the best care.
Food Tracker icon


Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks. This tracker is where you enter the food you eat each day. Our Food database has thousands of items to choose from, each with nutritional info like calorie and carb counts to eliminate the guesswork.
Job Satisfaction Tracker icon

Job Satisfaction

Are you whistling while you work today or counting the hours until 5pm? Use this tracker to see how satisfying your job is.
Medication Tracker icon


If you take medications every day, this tracker makes it easy to stay on schedule. Search our powerful Meds database to add all of your medications to your Favorites list for easy entering.
Meditation Tracker icon


Whether you om at home or with a group, use this tracker to chart the time you spend in quiet contemplation.
Mood Tracker icon


Trying to figure out what's giving you the blues? Our mood tracker helps you see patterns you might otherwise miss, like how certain foods affect your mental state.
Notes Tracker icon


Looking to track something else? Use this tracker to record notes and a photo for anything you want.
Pain Tracker icon


Use this tracker to monitor pain levels in different parts of your body.
Sex Tracker icon


Though it may sound counterintuitive at first, keeping track of when you have sex might actually bring the spark back to your love life.
Sleep Tracker icon


A good night's sleep is one of the best ways to support healthy brain function and mood. Use this tracker to see how your sleep stacks up.
Smoking Tracker icon


Looking to quit smoking? Here's an easy way to keep track of your progress.
Steps Tracker icon


Every step matters. Using a pedometer you can record your daily activity to understand and increase your daily activity.
Symptoms Tracker icon


Sometimes getting healthy means you have to play the part of a detective. Here's the tracker to use to keep notes on all the symptoms you're experiencing so you and your health professional can hone in possible solutions.
TV Tracker icon


What did you watch?
Wake Ups Tracker icon

Wake Ups

If you have trouble sleeping through the night, use this tracker to record your wake ups to help you pinpoint the problem.
Blood Pressure Tracker icon

Blood Pressure

Monitoring your blood pressure can help determine whether you really have high blood pressure-and if you do, whether your current treatment plan is working.
Heart Rate Tracker icon

Heart Rate

Here's where you can keep track of your heart rate - after your morning run or a busy day at work.
Body Fat Tracker icon

Body Fat

Keeping track of your measured body fat is a great indicator of your fitness.
Body Height Tracker icon

Body Height

Keep track of your kid's growth spurts with this unsmudgeable version of the old-fashioned "pencil on the doorjamb" technique you used when you were growing up.
Body Temperature Tracker icon

Body Temperature

Feeling a bit under the weather? Track your temperature using a standard oral thermometer and record it here.
Body Weight Tracker icon

Body Weight

Whether you're trying to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, use this tracker to keep your daily log.
Cholesterol Tracker icon


Keeping track of your cholesterol levels will help you see if your lifestyle changes and any medications that you're taking are working.
Fasting Glucose Tracker icon

Fasting Glucose

Record your glucose after having not eaten for 8 hours
HbA1c Tracker icon


Track your glucose management effectiveness over the previous few months with your glycosylated hemoglobin lab results.
Asthma Tracker icon


Monitor your peak flow and other asthma related symptoms with this easy to use tracker.
Diabetes Tracker icon


Keeping your blood glucose level (also called blood sugar) close to normal helps prevent or delay some diabetes problems such as kidney disease and nerve damage. Use this tracker to keep an easy-to-monitor log of your daily levels and your diabetes meds.
Hypertension Tracker icon


If you're worried about chronic high blood pressure (or hypertension), use this one tracker to keep tabs on your blood pressure and heart rate.
Migraine Tracker icon


Monitor your migraine related symptoms with this easy to use tracker
Swine Flu Tracker icon

Swine Flu

The federal government has declared a public health emergency in the United States. This tracker will help you keep track of your symptoms to share with your doctor, as well as give you a place to put in notes about where you've been and who you've been with so they can be contacted if you have a confirmed case.
Menopause Tracker icon


Menopause is a natural part of growing older, but it still often brings up a complex set of emotions and physical responses in women. Use this tracker to track menopause symptoms to help you navigate the "change of life."
Menstrual Cycle Tracker icon

Menstrual Cycle

Keep track of all things related to your period: number of days, flow, mood, and symptoms.
Ovulation Tracker icon


Keeping track of your cycle can help you pinpoint the best days to try to conceive. This tracker gathers all of your info together in one easy place.
Pregnancy Tracker icon


Congratulations! The journey of pregnancy is fascinating, mysterious, and joyous. Keep track of all the exciting changes in your body and spirit along the way!
Smoking - Post Quit Tracker icon

Smoking - Post Quit

Socializing Tracker icon


Tracker for social personal interactions (more or less than usual), supportiveness and positiveness of interactions
Bicycling Tracker icon


Track your bicycling time and distance
Running Tracker icon


Keep track of your running activities
Walking Tracker icon